ceraMotion® One Touch Pink

Quick and easy finish of pink aesthetics.


ceraMotion® One Touch No Limits

The aesthetic finish for all-ceramic restorations.


dinamique® m

The passive, self-ligating metal bracket dinamique® m from Dentaurum fulfils all of the requirements of a modern, self-ligating bracket system. It has a low profile and is therefore comfortable for the patient to wear. At the same time, dynamic® m is safe and easy to use. The design of the clip is particularly impressive. It is easy to open and close whenever it is necessary to change the archwire, and it ensures that the forces applied are well controlled during each phase of treatment. In the active phase, the clip ensures that the arch sits firmly in the slot, thereby transferring the pre-set values in the bracket onto the tooth perfectly.


dinamique® c

The passive, self-ligating ceramic bracket dinamique® c from Dentaurum has much to offer: for the patient, the brackets offer perfect aesthetics and are comfortable to wear; for the dental office, they are easy to handle and offer effective treatment with only short periods of time in the chair. The body of the bracket is made of aluminum oxide, has optimum translucency and does not break during debonding. The bracket bonds mechanically and reliably thanks to aluminum oxide balls on the base of the bracket. It can easily be removed from the tooth. The bracket clip (premium cobalt-chrom alloy) is easy to open and to close whenever an archwire needs changing. A coating of rhodium on the clip ensures it is durable throughout treatment.
See for yourself what advantages dinamique® c has to offer.


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